What is EQ Schools?

We are educators with decades of experience learning the kind of teaching that most engages and enlivens students and teachers. Innovative, experiential workshops that make learning fun are our trademark.

Our Founder

Roni is the founder of EQSchools, an organization dedicated to providing Emotional Intelligence training to teachers, students, and parents nationally and abroad. He teaches Positive Psychology at Gunn High School in Palo Alto and is the director of the MERIT Institute at Foothill College. Roni speaks and consults for schools and business organizations on the topics of Mindfulness, Creative Confidence, Emotional Intelligence, Positive Psychology, Design Thinking, and the importance of Play. He lived in Israel and Belgium before coming to the U.S. where he got his Masters of Education and teaching credential at Harvard. He currently lives in Sunnyvale, California, with his wife Allison and two children, Eli and Leah.

What Does EQ Schools Do?

EQ Schools provides emotional intelligence training to organizations and schools. Our workshops lead participants to gain creative confidence, to improve their self-regulation and management, to collaborate with others more effectively and to feel happier.

We deliver various training programs: Workshops, TEDx Talks, Keynote Presentations, and Mastery Courses. Every training addresses employee well-being, mindfulness, and leadership tactics so you can empower your business, your employees, and yourself.

Why EQ Schools?
We turn Theory into Application

We teach proven strategies at our workshops and talks, based on cutting-edge research in neuroscience and psychologhy combined with universally proven positive psychology techniques.


"This was the most useful PD I've been to, possibly ever. I really appreciate the mix of ideas and tools: now we have many activities we can do with our students, and the rationale behind them."

"You guys had a GREAT blend of fun activities, rationale, time to digest information, opportunities to collaborate, ideas for putting what we learned into practice, the list goes on!"

"Everything was useful! I think the ice breakers are great team building. You put me in such a positive mindset."

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