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Roni Habib is an expert in helping educators become more mindful, connected, and playful. The founder of EQ Schools, he leads workshops and speaks in schools nationally and abroad. Early in his career, Roni struggled with the high stresses and demands of teaching even losing touch with why he wanted to be a teacher in the first place. It was so painful that he finally discovered the power of integrating mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and positive psychology in his own life as well as in his classroom and felt called to share this new approach with the world. In the first two years of establishing EQ Schools, Roni has taught and inspired thousands of teachers through his workshops and conferences. In addition to inspiring educators through EQ Schools, Roni also teaches at Gunn High School in Palo Alto, California. Prior to earning his Masters of Education and teaching credential at Harvard University, he lived in Israel and Belgium. Most important though, is that Roni has a huge heart and loves helping people.

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"Words cannot properly express my deepest appreciation for sharing Roni’s wisdom and passion with us today. I could not have written a script for it any better and far exceeded my expectations. Roni’s story and genuine care for students well being is an inspiring one, and one that many of our teachers could relate. Through our conversations over the summer I kept finding myself becoming more and more excited and filled with anticipation about Roni’s visits. From all of us here at Rocklin High School, we thank Roni for sharing today." - Davis Stewart, Principal at Rocklin High School

"Roni Habib has a unique and compelling message about the critical importance of relationships in the learning process. As a keynote speaker at our District kickoff event this year, he inspired and motivated teachers. He cited abundant brain research about the impact of negative stress on learning, and provided multiple examples of how play and mindfulness can enhance the teaching/learning experience. Roni models the concepts throughout the presentation. Our teachers and support staff were highly engaged, laughing and motivated. It was a powerful learning experience for our whole district. The impact was immediate.M Principals reported that we had tons of teachers greeting students at the door and utilizing activities to engage and connect students on the first day of school! I highly recommend Roni Habib as a keynote speaker!" - Ron Severson, Superintendent of Roseville Joint Union High School District.

"Having Roni Habib, founder of EQ Schools, as our keynote speaker to start our year was inspirational. Roni did an amazing job of helping put theory into practice. We have been doing a lot of work on the impact trauma has on students. Roni was the perfect "bridge" from theory to practice. Roni's focus on Emotional Intelligence, Positive Psychology Design Thinking and Mindfulness helped us to celebrate the importance of caring for the whole child! Roni is gifted in helping staff embrace the power of play, relationships and creativity in the classroom. Roni provides simple, practical strategies that can be used in the classroom, during staff meetings and daily in our personal lives! He does this all in a fun, creative, interactive way. I believe Roni has helped our staff be healthier and more effective in helping kids be healthy. A big two thumbs up for Roni Habib and EQ Schools!" - Dale Porter, Assistant Superintendent of Instructional Services, Enterprise Elementary School.

"We had the honor of having Roni Habib as our keynote speaker before the school year began; his message of social-emotional wellness not only for students but for staff was the perfect beginning to our year. His ability to provide research-based information along with practical strategies in a humorous manner set the tone for the upcoming year." - Sue Reese, Principal Roseland University Prep, Santa Rosa.

"The transparency and honesty that Roni Habib gives an audience is absolutely unparalleled." - Amy Fideji, Principal of Penngrove Elementary School in Petaluma.

"The response has been widespread with even some of our most resistant teachers taking part in gathering students Emotional Intelligence through play within their lessons." - Davis Stewart, Principal at Rocklin High School.

Teacher Testimonials

"As teachers, it's easy to get lost in curriculum and CCSS expectations. We often probe our students with the demands of rigor, and push them toward greater learning and performance whilst -- at times -- disregarding the students' individual circumstance and needs. Roni Habib reminds us of the humanity behind teaching: in order for a student to really succeed in the classroom, s/he needs to experience connection and be given the opportunity to share his/her own unique experiences with both the teacher and classroom community. Habib not only offers strategies for the students to build greater confidence and self-efficacy, he also provides techniques for our own mental, spiritual, and physical health, and adumbrates the importance of how our own attitude and pedagogy impact our students both positively and negatively, based on our own perceptions of the self." - Chelsea Johnson, Teacher, Roseland University Prep

"Mr. Habib's morning presentation was one of the most inspiring things I have seen in years" - Jana Goodman, teacher, Penngrove Elementary School.

"Thank you Roni! I appreciate you taking the time to speak to me. You are a true inspiration and I am so grateful that I stumbled upon your Ted Talk. Shabbat shalom and thanks again for your support and guidance." - Tamar Rohatiner, High Teacher in Israel

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February 8th - Google Apps For Education Summit - Roseville

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To request a booking, please email roni@eqschools.com.

If you would like to book any other EQ Schools speakers, please email info@eqschools.com.