Testimonials from 2016 Annual EQ Schools Conference

This was the first conference that I attended where I felt energized during every session!! I never looked at my watch wondering how much time was left each session. Every session was valuable and too short. Also- I appreciated 30 mins between sessions. We had the opportunity to connect with one another and speakers. And we were not rushed to get to the next session. - Anne Harty

I loved it all - the variety in sessions, the self-care, the information. Rarely do I have the chance to attend a conference where each and every session speaks to me, yet this one did just that. This will no doubt be a conference that I will want to attend annually. - Karen Cobb

I learned a great deal about myself which was the most powerful thing about this conference. I got in touch with myself and my feelings and was able to really move forward passed a number of issues that I was dwelling over. I have leaned a number of strategies to deal with stress and anxiety and have found ways to not only be happy, but teach and promote happiness. - Courtney Straub

Above all, a great sense of connection was engendered - I think most people feel supported and encouraged to take what they learned back to the class room. There was a sense that the conference / EQ Schools "has our backs." - Todd Armstrong

For years I have been interested in helping students and myself increase our emotional intelligence and resilience, but not really been sure how to go about doing it. What this conference gave me was a valuable summary of the research in this area and concrete exercises and tools I can really use in my teaching and life. As one of the speakers mentioned, oftentimes discussions about mental health focus on the negative, and so what I found valuable about this conference was its focus was on healing and well-being, and that it showed me a way to guide students toward positive thinking without making light of the real stressors they face. I tend to be skeptical of messages about "the power of positive thinking", so I found it helpful that the speakers frequently pointed to research findings. - Anna Liu

I am so grateful and feel so lucky to have been attend this conference. I can't wait to see what you have planned for the next one! - Courtney Straub

I connected with like-minded educators and felt heard/seen. I feel a little better prepared to justify this kind of work to others who may not yet see its value (especially its long term value for human beings in general). I think I'm leaving with some concrete things (teaching strategies, lessons, activities) but also some overarching frameworks for thinking in and outside of my classroom (being self-compassionate). There are many things I found that were relevant to my specific site too. I'm excited to become a more loving person, and to help cultivate love in my students too-- to grow more compassionate and awake toward ourselves, toward others so we can reach the end of our lives feeling more fulfilled, inspired, and appreciative. - Alicia Triana.

The keynote presentations were incredible. The presentations were inspirational and really resonated with me. I truly loved it. I also really enjoyed the yoga session. - Alexis Artiles

I love learning by doing and the mindful breathing in every session along with the improv and games and vision board...there are too many things to count that I'm going to use in my classroom! But I truly loved that we did these things. I took copious notes throughout all of the sessions, but I know what I'll remember most are the activities that had me up on my feet, actively participating. Loved it! - Meghan Trutter

The best was how it focused on me as much as my students. All the events I go to are solely focused on how I can help my students, which is obviously very important. Except, how can we help our students if we aren't emotionally available to. This event gave us real tools to do just that. It did it in amazing and fun ways. And the comedian on Saturday evening was awesome! - Naomi Bahr