Topics include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Relationships above all - In this interactive keynote we'll explore why fostering supportive and caring relationships in the classroom is paramount not only for students well-being but for meaningful and lifelong learning to take place. You'll be introduced concepts from interpersonal neurobiology to simple improv games all in the name of creating healthy relationships in your classroom.
  • Teaching to the Human Core - When we give ourselves and our students the permission to be human and put our collective well-being as a first priority, not only are we all happier but deeper learning takes place and academic achievements improve. We’ll explore the research behind the three key ingredients that allow us and our students to thrive and we’ll experience these in our minds and hearts.
  • The Power of Play and Connection! - It's time to take play, connections, and joy in the classroom seriously. In this session, you're not only going to learn why these are so critical to actualizing the potential of your students, you will feel it yourself by engaging in improv games with other amazing educators. Warning - this session will be active, super fun, and you’ll learn a ton! Let’s do it!
  • Mindfulness and radical self care - Want to be the best you can be in the classroom for a long long time? Time to take self care and mindfulness seriously. This will be an active session in which we learn about what mindfulness is and how to bring it to our lives and the lives of our students. And we’ll explore what radical self care looks like for us and our students!
  • Fostering Creative Confidence and Design Thinking - Ready to experience the elements of Design Thinking so that you can infuse your classroom and school with your creative confidence? Then this is a must attend session for you. We’ll engage in exercises that take place in the popular Design School (D. School) at Stanford so you can get a clear understanding and a quick taste for this powerful methodology that has changed how major organizations operate to how project based learning is shaped. There will be a serious bias towards action in this presentation so be ready to NOT sit still.
  • Get your gremlins out of the way, so you can be fully there for your students! - People are most successful when their wellbeing is optimized. But all of us have a squad of gremlins (the inner critic voices in our heads) that are masterful at bringing us down and keeping us from our potential. It’s time to “dance with the gremlins” so we can be our best selves for our students. In this session, we will learn how to tame our gremlins through understanding what cognitive distortions are, and using self-compassion and vulnerability.
  • What’s better than students giving amazing answers? Students asking amazing questions! Explore the Question Formulation Technique. - Learning happens when people ask questions. Come learn a technique that will train your students to ask better questions that engage their intrinsic curiosity. You’ll take the role of a student in this session and see why the QFT process is so beautifully addictive to students and teachers! We’ll use Google Forms to make the experience even more exciting!