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Open to Teachers and Administrators

Up-Level Your School Climate Summit - San Francisco Bay Area, Nov 3rd - Nov 4th, 2018

Leadership Summit - San Francisco Bay Area, Feb 7th - Feb 8th, 2019

What We Do

We provide practical and powerful emotional intelligence trainings to teachers, administrators, parents, and students.

Our workshops' participants gain creative confidence, learn stress reduction techniques, improve their self-regulation and productivity, learn how to collaborate and communicate with others more effectively, and ultimately become happier.

We are educators with decades of experience learning what kind of teaching most engages and enlivens students and teachers. Innovative, experiential workshops that make learning fun are our trademark.

We design our workshops based on the latest research from Social and Emotional Learning Programs, Positive Psychology, and Neuroscience.

How We Do It

We deliver trainings of various lengths, such as:

  • Coaching
  • Keynote Presentations
  • Half Day Workshops
  • Full Day Workshops
  • Multiple Day Workshops

If you would like us to do a workshop at your school, we will design our training by:

  • Assessing your needs and objectives
  • Creating an action plan
  • Implementing Training
  • Assessing results
  • Providing on-going support and coaching
Training Topics
  • Thriving Through Happiness - Happy students and teachers are more creative, productive, and are able to reach peak performance more readily. In this training you will learn how to capitalize on your personal strengths to create a classroom environment where positive emotions open your creativity and that of your students.
  • The Emotionally Intelligent Teacher - Emotional Intelligence is the ability to monitor one's own and other people's emotions, to label these emotions appropriately, and to use emotional information to guide thinking and ultimately behavior. Discover how Emotional Intelligence skills enhance your pedagogy and learn proven ways to use these skills and transfer them to your students. Topics such as Self-Regulation, Self-Management, Empathy, Stress-Reduction, Effective Communication, Motivation and Passion, will be covered.
  • The Emotionally intelligent School Leader - Discover ways to increase emotional intelligence in yourself and your school staff, enhance your leadership skills, and your ability to courageously and effectively lead your school. Topics such as Self-Regulation, Self-Management, Empathy, Stress-Reduction, Effective Communication, Motivation and Passion, will be covered.
  • Implementing Mindfulness in the Classroom - Mindfulness is the ability to pay attention in the present moment, non-judgmentally and is an essential component for raising emotional intelligence. Mindfulness exercises allow people to clear and calm their minds, sharpen their focus, and lead to a state of clarity and peace. In this workshop you will experience the benefits of mindfulness exercises and learn how to implement these with your students in your classroom.
  • Stopping Perfectionism and Enhancing Creativity - Perfectionism is the debilitating fear of failure. Although rarely discussed, perfectionism kills creativity, ingenuity, and happiness and it is rampant in schools around the world. In this workshop you will experience techniques that help free you from perfectionism and liberate you and your students to take creative risks.
  • Emotionally Intelligent Relationships in the classroom - The relationship between teachers and their students is the most critical factor to the success of their students. In this workshop you’ll learn how emotional intelligence can enhance your relationship with your students and learn how to facilitate an environment that increases safety, connection which fosters creativity and collaboration.
  • Permission to be Human - A comprehensive workshop that connects mindfulness and emotional intelligence and provides concrete lessons and activities to engage students. Improv - In this workshop you’ll learn how to encourage risk taking and build cohesive teams, in a fun, supportive and creative environment through Improv games.

"This was the most useful PD I've been to possibly ever. I really appreciate the mix of ideas and tools: now we have many activities we can do with our students, and the rationale behind them."

"You guys had a GREAT blend of fun activities, rationale, time to digest information, opportunities to collaborate, ideas for putting what we learned into practice, the list goes on!"

"Everything was useful! I think the ice breakers are great team building. You put me in such a positive mindset."

"I really want to use some of the mindfulness exercises for myself, and there are so many good reminders for how to interact with my students. I also have a few lesson plans in mind based on some of our activities."

"I loved learning the activities that could be used with students and staff immediately (brain breaks and connection activities). Also, it was very insightful to just spend time reflecting on emotions and how those frequent and impermanent, and got some great tips on helping students recognize and acknowledge their feelings."


We believe that effective training is on-going since professionals need support to implement what they’ve learned. Research shows that when compared to attending a workshop with no follow through, on-going coaching quadruples the likelihood that improvement in pedagogy and leadership practice will occur.

We’re ready to provide you with the coaching necessary to help in your growth. Contact us for more information at info@eqschools.com or at (650) 260 8624.